Sexological Bodywork Certification

Interested in becoming a Sexological Bodyworker and joining this burgeoning profession? Trainings occur all over the world (Australia, Canada, Europe, USA) several times a year. Explore the trainings here.


What are the benefits of Sexological Bodywork for someone in psychotherapy? How can psychotherapists make use of this resource?

 Psychotherapist Jack Morin, Ph.D., has found combining talk therapy with Sexological Bodywork immensely helpful for many of his clients. He recommends most of his clients see Certified Sexological Bodyworkers while they are in psychotherapy with him.


New School of Erotic Touch

The New School of Erotic Touch offers a beautiful collection of educational videos here.


Orgasmic Yoga

Orgasmic Yoga Institute offers guidance to help you create and maintain an ongoing erotic practice. When practiced regularly over time, Orgasmic Yoga can change your life.  Click here for more information.



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