Rahi Chun

Rahi Chun

Rahi Chun

Rahi is deeply honored to hold sacred space for Somatic Sexual Wholeness, a mind/body/spirit integration to sexual health & well-being. SSW combines his training and experience as a Certified Life Coach, Certified TRE (Tension & Trauma Release Exercises) Provider, Neuro-Affective Touch practitioner, and Inner Pelvic Freedom & Release facilitator, with Somatic Sex Education/Sexological Bodywork. His varied background includes certifications in Margot Anand’s Love & Ecstasy Tantra Training, Family Constellations Therapy with Bert Hellinger, Faster EFT for Sexual Trauma, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, and an MA in Spiritual Psychology.

When a space of unconditional safety is held, and the body is honored by listening for when it is ready to be met and how it wants to be supported, mind, body & nervous system modalities can effectively facilitate the release of past muscular & genital armoring, unwanted neurophysiological patterns, and nervous system dysregulation.

This allows for past patterns of unconscious guarding, contractions, and unhealthy associations with sexual energy to be recognized and released, inviting new realms of embodied sensations, arousal, pleasure, and wholeness in honoring the full exploration and expression of one’s life force energies.  

A combination of 5 modalities are tailored to meet the client’s sense of safety and readiness within each session and from session to session.  These are: Mindful Inquiry, TRE – Tension & Trauma Release Exercises, Neuro-Affective Touch, Sexological Bodywork, and Inner Pelvic Freedom & Release.  

The client and I work as a team in listening for when and how the body wants to experience itself in the expansion of its natural organic life force energy.  

Testimonials about SSW by health care professionals :  https://vimeo.com/194589367


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