Eileen Chao

Eileen Chao

Eileen Chao

I am a sex and intimacy coach, certified sexological bodyworker and IPSA trained surrogate partner therapy intern.

***Please note: I cannot receive texts through my phone number. If you would like to contact me either call or fill out the form on my website.***

My approach is all about experiential learning. You can’t learn how to play an instrument by reading about it. The same holds true with sexual proficiency and confidence. Confidence comes from within, and the only way to truly feel more confident is to have positive embodied experiences.

I firmly believe that real change only happens when people have embodied experiences of that change, and I love creating a safe space for people to do explore, ask questions and do the necessary work for positive growth and development. I love working with clients on sorting through cultural messages that are so deeply ingrained in all of our subconscious to discover what is authentic to them.

Clients are able to explore without judgement or pressure to perform, gain communication skills, practice vulnerability, overcome sexual shame, get amazing sex education and learn how to work through anxiety to be more present.

For male clients, I offer sex and intimacy coaching, kink coaching, sexological bodywork and surrogate partner therapy.

For female clients, I offer sex and intimacy coaching, kink coaching and sexological bodywork.

I love working with couples on bringing more sex and intimacy back into their relationships, exploring open and poly relationships and kink coaching.

I am located in San Francisco, CA. If you are unable to come in for a face to face session I also offer Skype sessions, and am available to travel to you for intensive sessions.