Dr. Liam “Captain” Snowdon

Dr. Liam

Dr. Liam "captain" Snowdon

Facilitating practices to deepen intimacy, relationships and embodiment with folks of all genders and sexual orientations.
250-516-6850 (Canada) 503-261-3795 (USA)
Victoria, B.C. and Portland, Oregon Canada and USA

I work with people of all genders and sexualities to support folks in becoming more erotically embodied and empowered. With 21 years in the counseling field I have extensive experience in all areas of sexological bodywork, sex coaching, orgasmic yoga, and sex therapy, I am available for work with individuals and couples, for group trainings, and offer professional supervision and training to somatic sex educators and other health care professionals. I teach the Canadian and American Professional Certification in Sexological Bodywork and many other sex education classes and workshops For more information on the trainings see www.somaticsexeducators.com for Canada and www.sexologicalbodyworkusa.com of USA.

My practice is based up and down the west coast of Canada and the US. I regularly offer sessions and workshops in Victoria, Vancouver, and San Francisco and also offer coaching to individuals and couples via Skype. Coaching via Skype can be ideal for folks who live rurally
and those who would love to plug into the work but are not ready to come in person. Can you hear the call of your own personal sexual revolution, get the sex education you always deserved!

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