Kirsteen Farley

Kirsteen Farley  - Esensual Soul

Kirsteen Farley - Esensual Soul

I am a woman dedicated to supporting others on their journey to embrace self and wholeness and celebrate their own unique sexual nature. Specialising in working with ones Core Erotic Patterning and deepening relationship with self and others.
+44 7768 638602
Ripponden, near Manchester England
My intention is bringing about a deepening of sexual consciousness through expression. creativity and authentically being..Supporting others to connect explore and play with their core erotic desires.
I work with all genders and provide a non judgemental space for those that seek to uncover and embrace their full sexual nature and live a deep intimate and passionate life of pleasure with self and others.. 
I am a woman passionate about the dark and the light and understand how when we allow the merger of both we can find wholeness within ourselves and celebrate our raw sexual nature.. 
I incorporate Shamanic, Taoist, Tantric and Western Philosophies into my practice to assist in bringing about a deep alchemical transformation within each individual if they so choose.
Based in UK, I offer coaching sessions available in person, phone or via Skype.
To organise a session email