Joining the Association


All Certified Sexological Bodyworkers are welcome to join the ACSB.

Membership requires agreement to abide by the ACSB Code of Ethics and payment of dues.

The membership is $50USD for four years or $100USD for 4 years which includes an enhanced profile on this website.

Membership Benefits

  • Professional Distinction through Membership in Professional Community
  • Strong Code of Ethics
  • Listing in Practitioner Directory
  • Access to Continuing Education


You may join by completing the following membership information for profile ( see below)  and then by paying the $50.00USD (regular profile)  or $100USD (enhanced profile ) membership fee via this link:

If you have a DBA or corporate name, please include your first and last name.

To set up your profile, please fill out the form below after you have sent payment. If you have any issues or inquiries about your profiles, please contact us at
(Memberships may take up to two weeks to process.)

Joining the ACSB

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  • Under 100 words. If you decide to opt for the extended profile, you can send us more information about your work and practice.
  • High-Resolution Profile Photo